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How working with parts can heal you

How Working with Parts Can Heal You

How often do you find yourself unable to decide between two different options? For example, the part of you that feels stuck and wants to move on and the part of you that is terrified of change and wants to stay put. The part of you that wants to say “no” to unreasonable expectations from others and the other that doesn’t want to disappoint or be abandoned. Sounds familiar? This sense of being torn between wanting two different and contradicting things is a common human experience. Each one of us has parts. The mind has a natural tendency to divide into infinite parts or subpersonalities. While we tend to see ourselves as a whole, we often talk about the different aspects of who we are, particularly when they contradict one another. We work directly with these parts of you at IFS.

How Can Working with Parts of Self Help Me?

At IFS, we feel that having parts is normal and healthy. Everyone is born with different parts; just because you have more of them does not mean something is wrong with you. According to Richard Schwartz, the creator of Internal Family Systems, our mind works as an “inner family.” The purpose of IFS therapy is not to eliminate parts causing distress but to assist you in finding their non-extreme roles. Together, we will: – Identify and work with your parts to gain self-awareness and self-regulation. – Help you achieve balance within internal systems. – Provides a better understanding of Self. – Distinguish and elevate the Self so that it can connect and heal each part. – Heal parts, help them let go of their destructive roles, and awaken their capacities that reflect their non-extreme intentions.
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