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Alcohol and Drug abuse

Do you feel overwhelmed by your situation, but feel unsure how to change things? Something in your life may have changed, and you’re not sure how to cope with it. You may be undecided about whether you have a problem with drinking, or still have mixed feelings about reducing your alcohol intake. Perhaps it is […]

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Trauma & Grief

When you have experienced a traumatic event, it is normal to have strong feelings of sadness or grief that last for a while. This may be especially true if someone close to you has died or was injured during a traumatic event. Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape, […]

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Relationship Issues

Modalities: Individual and couples therapy Relationships can be the source of so much joy in life, and also much pain, disappointment, and stress. Conflict is a normal part of every relationship, even in the healthiest of relationships. We all go through difficulties, as we all have different needs and ways of communicating. Sometimes we experience […]

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Stress & Anxiety

Does your anxiety suddenly strike and interfere with your ability to function? You may find yourself becoming depressed and unable to carry on with your daily life. You may find that you don’t enjoy activities that used to be fun for you. Anxiety and irritability often come along with trauma. It can seem like the […]