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Relationship Issues

Individual therapy in Metairie, LA

Relationships can be the source of so much joy in life, and also much pain, disappointment, and stress.

Conflict is a normal part of every relationship, even in the healthiest of relationships. We all go through difficulties, as we all have different needs and ways of communicating. Sometimes we experience relationship struggles in particular relationships (e.g. with our partner or mother) or for time periods (e.g. at the start of a relationship or in your first few years of marriage).

Arguments and dissatisfaction in relationships can affect your mood, daily choices, and your comfort with the other person, possibly leading you to question the longevity of the relationship.

If left unchecked or unresolved, reoccurring or significant issues can evolve into deeper and much more troublesome problems.

If you have concerns about your relationship, you will probably recognize the following signs:
Conflicts escalate instead of being resolved
You or your partner seem to raise your voices when communicating
You tend to avoid each other
You see an increase in alcohol or drug consumption
You suspect that your partner is interested in someone else
Your partner is overly jealous
You are not looking forward to going home
Your partner stays at work later
There is violence at home (physical, emotional or verbal abuse)
Your children are affected by the frequency of the arguments
You feel disrespected

The list can go on. Your relationship suffers. If you are worried that your relationship is under a lot of stress and you are losing hope, and fear that if it continues this way you will end up unhappy or separated, reach out today.

If you are committed and prepared to step outside your comfort zone to make positive changes then together with me we can find a way to get the relationship back on track.